The Paleo Brownie eBook – 25 Delicious Brownie Recipes
for the Paleo with a Sweet Tooth

Just because you are on a Paleo Diet, you don’t have to
miss out on Sweet and Healthy Treats

For 2.5 million years, early man foraged and hunted for seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and seeds. This period of time before the development of agriculture is known as the Paleolithic era.

Man’s digestive systems have evolved only the slightest amount in the 10,000 years since farming changed our diets. Shortened to Paleo, the modern diet is an approach to nutrition that mimics the early man’s diet for ultimate health.

Our minds are modern, but our bodies and brains still need the same food.

There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy sweet treat. Indulge in some mouthwatering, irresistible paleo yumminess without the gluten-guilt!

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